How many people do you need for a private party? How much is the cost per person?

We ask for a class minimum of $250 for private parties. Our craft projects typically start at $20 per person and go up from there, based on the project you choose. How many people you need at your event will be based on the project you choose. (ie. $20 per person = 12 people, $40 per person = 6 people.)

What project can I choose for my event?

You are welcome to look back through our Calendar of Events or our Instagram feed to see what projects we have tackled in the past and choose one of those, or if there is something special you’ve been wanting to make, we are happy to price out that project for you and let you know if it will work within the space/time constraints!

Where can I host my private event?

The great thing about being a mobile business is that we can come to you! Travel within 30 minutes of Charlotte is included in the class cost. We can also help you set up an event at one of the breweries we have a relationship with, however, we cannot control what availability they will have.

How do I pay for the class?

We can send one invoice for the total number of participants. We can also set up a link for you to share privately with your guests so that they can sign themselves up individually for the craft. If you choose this option, we ask that everyone in the group be signed up no later than 48 hours prior to the event to allow us to have enough supplies for everyone participating! If the minimum group number has not been met, we reserve the right to invoice the organizer for the remaining balance to meet minimum requirements.

How do I book?

Visit our calendar to see what days appear to be available and have a few days in mind when emailing us, as well as what time you are wanting to host your party. We will double check our calendar and let you know if we are available!