Marbled Jewelry Dish Kit.jpg

Directions | Marbled Jewelry Dish

1. Cover your work surface as some clays will stain.

2. Warm up the clay by kneading it in your hands until it is soft and pliable. Do this for both colors. (Split colors in half if wanting two small dishes.)

3. Using your hands, roll each ball of clay (for two dishes, you should have 4 balls of clay) out into a long, thin, rope-like piece. Once both colors look like long ropes, place alternating colors side by side and then roll them together in a spiral. (You will have two spirals for two dishes.)

4. Using a rolling pin or a glass jar, flatten out your spiral, rolling with even pressure so that the colors begin to mix. Continue working with the clay, folding it, and rolling it out until you achieve the marbled look you desire. 

5. Roll out your piece into a general circle shape, making sure that it is even throughout and is about 1/8" thick (use a ruler to help check thickness). 

6. Shape your dish using a circle template, or create whatever shape you'd like! Curve the edges up to create a lip that will hold your things inside! 

7. Line a cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 min/per 1/8". Let cool completely!

8. Gild your dishes! Use the metallic paint on the edges of the dish, or go crazy and paint a metallic design! Allow to dry completely.

9. Apply Mod Podge to the entire top of the dish, covering the metallic paint. Once fully dry, flip over and apply a coat to the bottom. Dry.

10. Enjoy! Keep all your trinkets in your new fancy dish!