Leather Charger Keychain Kit.jpg

Directions | Leather Lightning Tassel

1. Lay your piece of leather flat. Using scissors, cut thin strips into the long side of the leather rectangle, leaving about one inch at the top uncut. Set aside.

2. Tie the brown cord in half around the metal key ring. Continue to make 3-4 knots, alternating right over left, left over right. 

3. Gently bend the lightning cable in half and tie the center in to the brown cord. Once attached, continue to make 3-4 more alternating knots.

4. Flip the leather piece over so that the rough side is showing. Working in sections, apply the E-6000 glue to the uncut one inch portion at the top. 

5. Lay the knotted brown cord/cable on top of the glued section of leather, leaving the metal ring sticking out slightly above. Begin to roll tightly.

6. Apply more glue to the top one inch as you roll, maintaining firm contact as you go. 

7. Once you are at the end of the leather piece, secure the glued section with tape and allow to dry overnight. Once dry, remove the tape and enjoy!