Mini Wallet 3.jpg

Directions: DIY Card Wallet

1. Cut out your faux leather piece with scissors, using the black line on the back side as your guide.

2. Using your cut out piece, trace the top part of the "envelope" onto the fabric, then a straight line down on both sides (the liner will not cover the arms or bottom tab). Cut out your fabric piece.

3. Lay flat on a surface with the fabric piece on the bottom and the faux leather piece on top, lining the fabric piece up with the faux leather piece. Using the punched hole in the faux leather piece, mark that spot onto the fabric.

4. Cut a very small slit in the fabric where you have marked.

5. Using the glue, line all of the edges of the fabric and adhere to the faux leather piece. Let dry.

6. Once your fabric has dried and is attached to the faux leather, you are ready to fold your piece together. Poke the screw piece of button closure hardware through the back side of the punched hole in the left arm and fold the arm towards the center. Fold the right arm to the center and poke the screw piece through the punched hole. Then, bring the bottom piece up and poke the screw piece through that punched hole as well. Screw the other, smooth, button closure hardware piece into place onto the screw piece. 

7. Pull the top of the envelope down and stretch it over the button closure to open and close!

8. The card wallet will flatten out over a few days of use, or you can place a book on it to get it to take shape.

9. Enjoy your new card wallet!