Meet the Craft Queen of Crowned Sparrow!


Steph Newman - Owner, Founder, Crafty B*tch

Although her career began in the marketing and event planning space, Stephanie’s true passion has always been crafting and creating unique items for herself, friends, and family. Dubbed the “crafty one” by friends, Stephanie launched Crowned Sparrow Co. in January 2015. Since inception, Stephanie’s goal for  the company has been to bring a sense of fun into the lives of anyone that participates in a craft class or gets their craft on with a DIY Kit. 

Favorite Craft Projects: I've always loved working with power tools, so any project where I can use a saw or a drill is super fun! I also love upcycling old furniture!

Crafty Playlist: Depending on the day, I love listening to classic country, Americana, and bluegrass, as well as classic 80's hits! Sometimes you just have to dance!

Craft Tool You Can't Live Without: My hands down favorite tool is my cordless drill! It's perfect for larger craft and DIY home projects. Everyone should have one!