The Window at the Tail

We ended up making a good chunk of progress this week on the Craft Cruiser! I'm so excited with how it's coming along! 

On Friday, I ended up going to the local estate sale warehouse and got a couple pieces of furniture to put inside the cruiser as workspace and display! They will get full head to toe makeovers, but check them out!

This is from the warehouse where it's still covered with lots of other goodies for sale!

This is from the warehouse where it's still covered with lots of other goodies for sale!

I'm dreaming of what this is going to look like in chalk paint!

I'm dreaming of what this is going to look like in chalk paint!

We got the back window taken out, which really needed to be done since it was leaking! Once the window was out, we could replace all the rotten framing that had gone bad from the leak. To replace all the rotten boards, we got a KREG Pocket Jig that has allowed us to tie new pieces into old pieces without having screws or nails sticking out. If you are redoing a trailer, I highly recommend it! (We just got the mini version and it's been great.)

This shows you some of the rot in the wood around the window that had to be replaced.

This shows you some of the rot in the wood around the window that had to be replaced.

Yay! New framing!

Yay! New framing!

At some point in Vera's life, this back window started leaking and whoever had it at the time did the best they could to fix it. That being said, please, please, please, NEVER EVER EVER use spray foam insulation, roofing nails, and silicone caulking to fix it. It doesn't fix it.

Just to show you what I was dealing with...

You can see some of the silicone caulking hanging around the edges.

You can see some of the silicone caulking hanging around the edges.

Here's where they used roofing nails. (WHYYYY???)

Here's where they used roofing nails. (WHYYYY???)

Look at all that spray foam and silicone caulk!

Look at all that spray foam and silicone caulk!

Once I had the window out, I realized that the gasket holding the glass into the frame was decaying, so I went ahead and took it out before realizing that no one but the vintage trailer supply carries this type of gasket (at least not in my area). I went ahead and polished the frame anyway so that it would be ready when the gasket comes in. For this project I used Mothers Aluminum polish. Look at the difference a little elbow grease can make! 

That's about as far as we've gotten this week. I was hoping to have the rear window back in, but that will have to wait until the new gasket comes in. For now, we've patched up the window with some leftover lauan wood. 

I did start playing around with the color scheme though. Here's what I'm thinking so far, but let me know what you think in the comments! 

Short and sweet...

What a week y'all! We've had five classes in the last week and are still reeling from all the excitement (and prep and cleanup)! Honestly, we didn't get much done on the trailer restoration this week. We were hoping to start on the windows this weekend, but with all the rain we are supposed to get, it's not looking likely! I guess this is what happens when life and the weather get involved.

I did want to give you a peek at the taillights I've been talking about so much! They are a special Bergman wedding cake style light that perfectly replace the originals that were all rusted out.

Installing them has become a little more difficult with the weather lately, simply because it will be easier to install the new wood blocking at the same time as the other framing that needs replacing in the back - however, we can't replace all of it without taking out the back window, and we can't take out the back window until we have a day that it doesn't rain. (Which if you live in North Carolina in the summer, you know is almost impossible with all the summer storms!)

We also picked up the t-shirts this week for our Kickstart the Craft Cruiser party! They are so incredibly soft. Yes, I've already been wearing mine around the house! 

That's it for this week - a little light, but hopefully there will be some good updates next Tuesday if we can get a few days without rain! Thanks for following and I can't wait to see you at the Cruiser party on 9/26!

Getting ready for Cruisin'!

I took a little break this week with physical work on the cruiser and instead spent time trying to pick out finishes, decide on a layout, and plan out the mechanicals! It's important to know where everything is going to end up so that we can build up the structure to make sure it will support the end product!

I've also spent time planning our Kickstart the Craft Cruiser party on 9/26 at NoDa Brewing Company! I am so extremely excited for this awesome night of crafting, craft beer, shopping, and fun! 

The star of the night will be the crafts! We are bringing out some of our most popular crafts and adding a new fun craft to the mix! The base donation of $55 includes your choice of two of the three crafts, a beer ticket, a swag bag, snacks, and more! You can choose from our Crown Town Nail & String, our Terrific Terrariums, or our new BoHo Bead & Tassel Panthers necklace! If you love all three and can't decide, add the extra craft when you check out!

We will also have our new tshirts for sale! I am stoked to wear mine the night of the craft party! They are so soft y'all. It's the perfect tee for crafting in (and telling others how crafty you are)! You can purchase yours ahead of time and pick up at the craft party, or we will have them for sale on-site! Check them out!

You'll be able to check out a finished camper the night of the party as well! Britt with CLT Boutique will be bringing out her boutique glamper and all of her Charlotte themed tees & tanks, fun tea towels & koozies, and handmade jewelry! I'm so excited to be joining Charlotte's mobile pop-up shop community! She's redone her camper from the floor up, so she knows what it takes to build up a shop from scratch! She has been so sweet with answering all my questions and letting me poke around getting ideas! Check out her beauty! (Tip: you can find her this weekend at the Southern Women's Show - go check it out!)



That's it for now! The new taillights finally came in, so stay tuned! We will be getting those installed this week! For more info or to get your tickets for our Kickstart the Craft Cruiser party, check out our Craft Cruiser page! 

All lit up!

Hey y'all! I'm so excited to share the progress we've been making on our Craft Cruiser this week! My parents came down and helped us out with some projects on the trailer.

After removing all the interior paneling and cabinets, we had found a small leak in the seams of the roof. This week we ended up replacing the old roof vent with a skylight and went ahead and caulked the seams with a special roof sealant. In order to install the skylight, we added some new wood blocking as well. 

If you read our first trailer post, you'll remember that we towed our Shasta home with no brake lights! (Whoops!) We went ahead and ran all new wiring for the exterior lights, as well as replaced all the marker lights with new retro tear-drop style ones! 

In order to install the new lights securely, we went ahead and added additional blocking for structural support and a secure mounting block.

I had to order new taillights from a specialty vintage trailer supply, so we will install those as soon as they come in! Next on the list is completely sealing the roof with a paint-on roof finish and removing the windows so that we can replace the blocking around them and polish them up!

Stay with us each week for updates on our progress and don't forget to sign up for our Kickstart the Craft Cruiser Party, where you can join in on the crafty fun and help support our restoration!

So hot y'all.

It's SO HOT y'all.

Not much progress on the craft cruiser this week - it's just too hot to get out there and do anything without getting dehydrated after 10 minutes!

Since it's too hot to be outside for very long, I've been working on pulling together some inspiration for the finished product! Check out these Shasta Compacts that others have restored! 

I've been deciding on finishes for the interior and researching costs and weight (the lighter the material the better when towing!). Here's what I'm thinking for the interior!

I can't decide which floor I like best - the warm red tones with touches of teal (on the left), or the the more subtle gray/brown tones of the one on the right! Which one do you like?

I can't decide which floor I like best - the warm red tones with touches of teal (on the left), or the the more subtle gray/brown tones of the one on the right! Which one do you like?

I'll keep researching and posting more inspiration on my Pinterest Craft Cruiser board. You can follow me there and let me know your thoughts on my choices as I pin! 

It ain't easy being demo'd

What a week! It's only been 10 days since we brought home our little trailer and we've already made a good chunk of progress (on the demolition side anyway)!

Here are some before shots of the interior:

Check out that amazing green floor (har har)! 

We have ripped out all the cabinets, the benches, the light fixtures, and the walls! I kind of felt bad about ripping out the walls until they all just started splintering in my hands. If you ever need to take aggression out on something - do some (safe) demo! Ripping out things with your (gloved) hands can definitely give you a good workout! (Don't forget your mask and eye protection either - you never know what kind of dirt or debri awaits.)

Here are the current "after" photos where you can see the bare aluminum skin and current wall structure.

That's it. The whole thing is made with aluminum, 1x2, some staples and some screws. Kind of amazing how well it's held up after almost 50 years!

This week we need to test and re-run the electrical to make sure that the exterior light system works (we kind of towed it home without brake lights - eek! I don't recommend that.) and to place electrical sockets where they can be better utilized for our little workshop.

Also, thanks to the awesome thunderstorms we've been having, we found a small leak in the roof at the seams this week. With all the paneling and insulation gone, there's no where for the water to go but directly on the floor. With the closet gone, we've weakened the roof structure, so the water goes straight to the middle. We bought some silicone caulking this weekend and plan on applying that to make sure she's water-tight. We've also built a temporary roof support until we get in there and install new and additional "studs".

I can't wait to get to the fun part of decking her out, but I know that a solid foundation is key for having a well planned and fully functioning little space. I am, however, already picking out the interior finishes and found this beauty on sale at Hobby Lobby (I even got an extra discount because some of the drawer stops need to be repaired!).

This will be my inspiration piece once the "fun" stuff can begin!

Until then, stay tuned with our journey of repair and remodel! 

Meet Our Newest Family Member!

The day I have been dreaming of FINALLY came on Saturday! After answering an ad on Craigslist, the hubs and I drove up to Eden, NC and picked up this gorgeous girl!!

Meet Vera! This 1968 Shasta Compact Camper is the newest member of the Crowned Sparrow Co. family! Over the next few months she'll be gutted, painted, renovated, and polished to become our very own mobile workshop and store! 

I'll be posting updates each week on the progress we will be making as well as ways that you can get involved! Stay with us on our journey!