Launching craftXcraft - a new type of craft event!

I am SO thrilled to share this with you! I've been working on it for a few months now and I hope you'll find it as exciting as I do!

Introducing craftXcraft!

Have you ever wished you could make time to spend with friends while working on one of those Pinterest projects, but are worried you don't know what supplies you need, or even the right steps to take? Well, now you don't have to worry!

I am launching a series of events with a different craft to take home every month (let's face it, the painting parties are SUPER fun, but who has room to hang 15 canvases?). The projects will vary from things for your home to lovely things for gifting and you don't have to worry about shopping for supplies or doing the clean up!

I will walk you through each project and be on hand to answer any crafty questions you might have! Then, at the end of each event you will walk away with a fun project, an evening spent in good company, and hopefully some new crafty skills!

This month we will be making a darling 6 ft. long Valentine's Day garland. This sweet 9 heart strand announces your love for anyone who happens to pass wherever you hang it! You do not need mad skills to make this! If you can cut and paste, you are ready to go!

This first event is limited to 16 seats - I hope you can join me! Purchase your ticket today in the Shop!