When the Rum's Gone | Part II

After making my tabletop torch out of an old Sailor Jerry bottle, I had this metal cap left over that had an awesome anchor printed on it in gold. Being the craft hoarder that I am, I didn’t want to just throw it away – so I decided to turn it into a necklace! I used a craft knife to cut the very top part of the cap off (be careful and wear gloves – both the knife and the cut metal cap are sharp!). I hammered the edges in so that it wouldn’t be sharp, found a cute piece of matching craft paper and used ModPodge to glue and seal the paper on the opposite side of the anchor. Once everything was dry, I used my metal punch to punch a hole through the new medallion, and then added a small jump ring and a ball chain to finish it off!

Now I have a little bit of the sea life to take with me!

When the Rum's Gone...

When the rum’s gone, make tiki torches!

So, I had seen all these posts on pinterest about making torches out of wine bottles and I’m not much of a wine drinker. I do, however, like rum! I decided to try my hand at putting together one of these bug repellent bottles for myself! If you’d like to try, here are a few tips!

What You’ll Need:
Empty bottle of your choice (wash out thoroughly!)
Washers (the size will vary depending on the width of the mouth of the bottle and the interior hole will need to be slightly smaller than the width of the wick you use. Mine was about an inch in diameter with about a half an inch diameter for the interior hole.)
Wicks (I found mine at the local hardware store – technically they are called replacement wicks – but you can also find them online)
Citronella Oil (Again, I picked this up at my local hardware store)
Funnel (This will make it a lot easier to get the Citronella Oil into the bottle! You can usually pick up a cheap one in the kitchen section or the automotive section of a supply store.)

The first step is taking the cap off of your bottle. Make sure there is no plastic anywhere near the bottle opening – you don’t want that melting! Mine had a metal wrap around the top of the bottle, so I left it on and it hasn’t affected anything.

Next, you’ll want to use your funnel to fill the bottle with the citronella oil. You don’t need to fill it to the brim, just high enough to give the wick a good few inches to soak up the oil.

Once you’ve determined the size of washer you’ll need based on the size of the bottle and the wick, pull the wick through the washer – you only need the end you’ll be burning to stick out a little less than an inch. Then, insert the long end into the bottle, wait for the wick to soak up the oil, and Voila! You are ready to combat bugs with your own personal style!