Make This! DIY Coffee Sleeve | Video Tutorial

Feeling a little crafty this Valentine's Day? Follow along with our tutorial and learn how to make an adorable coffee sleeve for the coffee lover in your life!

You'll Need: Cardboard Sleeve, Felt, Marker, Scissors, Needle, Embroidery Thread

  1. Start by tracing the cardboard sleeve onto the felt (you can make three sleeves out of one piece of felt if you space them evenly). Cut out the traced sleeve portion.
  2. Using the other piece of felt, you can cut a square, fold it in half, then cut a half heart shape to end up with a symmetrical heart.
  3. Grab your needle and thread and start with about 2-3 feet of thread. Thread your needle at one end of the thread and tie a double knot at the other end. Start sewing from the back of the sleeve and continue sewing around the heart, going up through the heart and down through just the backing piece. Finish on the backside by making a shallow stitch and knot, then repeating this for a double knot, then trimming any excess thread.
  4. Cut another length of thread around 3-4 feet, then thread the needle and tie a double knot at the opposite end. Start again on the backside of the sleeve, this time sewing in a circular motion around the edge of the sleeve. Once you've made it around all of the edges, make a shallow stitch on the backside and knot, then repeat, trimming away any excess thread.
  5. Flip the sleeve over and using the cardboard sleeve as a guide, lightly mark where the sleeve will overlap. Create your loop, making sure that the edges line up and that it is slightly wider at the top. Cut about 2 feet of thread, thread the needle and double knot the opposite end. Stitch through the overlapping portions of the sleeve, going up and then down, making a series of "x" patterns as you go. This will provide strength to your coffee sleeve! Finish off the stitch as before, on the inside with a double knot, trimming away excess thread.
  6. Slide onto a cup of coffee and enjoy!