Short and sweet...

What a week y'all! We've had five classes in the last week and are still reeling from all the excitement (and prep and cleanup)! Honestly, we didn't get much done on the trailer restoration this week. We were hoping to start on the windows this weekend, but with all the rain we are supposed to get, it's not looking likely! I guess this is what happens when life and the weather get involved.

I did want to give you a peek at the taillights I've been talking about so much! They are a special Bergman wedding cake style light that perfectly replace the originals that were all rusted out.

Installing them has become a little more difficult with the weather lately, simply because it will be easier to install the new wood blocking at the same time as the other framing that needs replacing in the back - however, we can't replace all of it without taking out the back window, and we can't take out the back window until we have a day that it doesn't rain. (Which if you live in North Carolina in the summer, you know is almost impossible with all the summer storms!)

We also picked up the t-shirts this week for our Kickstart the Craft Cruiser party! They are so incredibly soft. Yes, I've already been wearing mine around the house! 

That's it for this week - a little light, but hopefully there will be some good updates next Tuesday if we can get a few days without rain! Thanks for following and I can't wait to see you at the Cruiser party on 9/26!