All lit up!

Hey y'all! I'm so excited to share the progress we've been making on our Craft Cruiser this week! My parents came down and helped us out with some projects on the trailer.

After removing all the interior paneling and cabinets, we had found a small leak in the seams of the roof. This week we ended up replacing the old roof vent with a skylight and went ahead and caulked the seams with a special roof sealant. In order to install the skylight, we added some new wood blocking as well. 

If you read our first trailer post, you'll remember that we towed our Shasta home with no brake lights! (Whoops!) We went ahead and ran all new wiring for the exterior lights, as well as replaced all the marker lights with new retro tear-drop style ones! 

In order to install the new lights securely, we went ahead and added additional blocking for structural support and a secure mounting block.

I had to order new taillights from a specialty vintage trailer supply, so we will install those as soon as they come in! Next on the list is completely sealing the roof with a paint-on roof finish and removing the windows so that we can replace the blocking around them and polish them up!

Stay with us each week for updates on our progress and don't forget to sign up for our Kickstart the Craft Cruiser Party, where you can join in on the crafty fun and help support our restoration!