It ain't easy being demo'd

What a week! It's only been 10 days since we brought home our little trailer and we've already made a good chunk of progress (on the demolition side anyway)!

Here are some before shots of the interior:

Check out that amazing green floor (har har)! 

We have ripped out all the cabinets, the benches, the light fixtures, and the walls! I kind of felt bad about ripping out the walls until they all just started splintering in my hands. If you ever need to take aggression out on something - do some (safe) demo! Ripping out things with your (gloved) hands can definitely give you a good workout! (Don't forget your mask and eye protection either - you never know what kind of dirt or debri awaits.)

Here are the current "after" photos where you can see the bare aluminum skin and current wall structure.

That's it. The whole thing is made with aluminum, 1x2, some staples and some screws. Kind of amazing how well it's held up after almost 50 years!

This week we need to test and re-run the electrical to make sure that the exterior light system works (we kind of towed it home without brake lights - eek! I don't recommend that.) and to place electrical sockets where they can be better utilized for our little workshop.

Also, thanks to the awesome thunderstorms we've been having, we found a small leak in the roof at the seams this week. With all the paneling and insulation gone, there's no where for the water to go but directly on the floor. With the closet gone, we've weakened the roof structure, so the water goes straight to the middle. We bought some silicone caulking this weekend and plan on applying that to make sure she's water-tight. We've also built a temporary roof support until we get in there and install new and additional "studs".

I can't wait to get to the fun part of decking her out, but I know that a solid foundation is key for having a well planned and fully functioning little space. I am, however, already picking out the interior finishes and found this beauty on sale at Hobby Lobby (I even got an extra discount because some of the drawer stops need to be repaired!).

This will be my inspiration piece once the "fun" stuff can begin!

Until then, stay tuned with our journey of repair and remodel!