A look at modern wall weavings!

In preparation for the next craftXcraft event, I decided to pull together some awesome weavings that I’ve seen for you to use as inspiration! Some are beautiful in their simplicity and some are just knock-out insane!


1.     Molly Makes has a great article that teaches you all the terminology you’ll need to get started! The image is pulled from @combedthunder – follow her amazing creations on Instagram!

2.     All Put Together has this really fun version of a wall weaving – I love the colors and how she left the ends of some of the yarn sticking out the sides! 

3.     This tutorial is mostly for kids, but I love the big chunky yarns that SmallforBig uses – as well as the super sweet pom poms that she adds on the ends! 

4.     These weavings by Mary Anne Moodie are fantastic! I particularly love her trio of cream wall hangings. The simple color palette paired with the chunky fiber makes for an amazing combination!

5.     This branch weaving on Instructables is a completely different take from the rectangular versions that you usually see! Love it! 

6.     This little weaving on Holy Crap! Yarn and Stuff! is adorable! Using the lavender for the warp is a genius idea – proving that you can use many materials to be creative! 

7.     craftXcraft sample! Don’t forget to sign up for craftXcraft and learn the basics of this re-emerging art!