My big week recap!

This was SUCH a big week for me!

In case you missed it, Charlotte got covered with a layer of ice on Monday night. The second craftXcraft was scheduled for Tuesday! You can imagine my stress when I woke up Tuesday morning, not sure what the weather was actually going to be like.

Though we did have a layer of frost, it looked as though the weather would clear JUST ENOUGH to carry on with the crafting! 

Despite the frigid (ok, in the South, anything under 40 degrees is frigid!) temperatures, a few brave souls ventured out and got their craft on! I'm so glad they made it out - we had such a fun evening and I was extremely impressed with the creativity these ladies brought to the table! It's amazing how you can give the same basic materials to multiple people and every single piece comes out differently! 

On Thursday, I was pumped to attend the second #weloveCLT event at 809! #weloveCLT is the brain-child of Garrett Tichy, one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! His excitement over building a community of people in Charlotte that come from all different backgrounds but come together to support each other and share ideas is infectious! The speaker was Amy Herman, of VTGCLT fame. Her talk was short, but poignant. I took away some awesome inspirational thoughts that I believe apply to so many people!: 

If the worst thing that happens is you lose money, so what? Just do it.

You won't believe what just asking does.

Sometimes you have to create your own dream job, and maybe that's not doing just one thing with your life.

It was definitely the best way to get rejuvenated and affirm that I am on the right path for me. 

Prior to the event, I had been in contact with Garrett and was able to come up with this amazing cutout of the #weloveCLT logo. It was set up at the entrance for everyone to add their twitter handles. It represents such a an amazing community of people with spirit, heart, and a love for Charlotte. To paraphrase Amy from the talk: Charlotte is an exciting place because it's small enough to make a difference, but big enough to make an impact. 

I am incredibly excited to see what will happen over the next year. If there's one major thing that I'm walking away knowing this week, it's to just say yes to opportunities that present themselves. You will never know how helping someone with something that seems small to you can impact them and add such value to your own life! What will you say yes to this week?