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Directions | Nail & String Art

1. Paint your piece of wood if desired. Wait til dry.

2. Lay your paper template face up onto the piece of wood, trimming any excess paper so that you can clearly see the layout of your design.

3. Go ahead and start hammering in your nails. If you are right handed, work from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. If you are left handed, work from the top left corner towards the bottom right. (Trust us, it makes it a lot easier!) You can use a clothespin to hold the nail if there are any spots that are too tight for you to hold the nail with your fingers, or for the whole project so that you don’t smash your fingers with the hammer!

4. Gently remove the paper template, pulling up around the sides and working your way around until the template pulls away from the nail heads. (You can also just rip it off, but then you won’t have your template to look back on for reference!)

5. Choose one nail to tie your embroidery floss to. Double knot it. If there is a lot of string on the tail part, don’t worry! Just trim it off leaving 1/4 inch and then tuck into an adjoining string with glue.

6. Go ahead and start filling in the nails with the thread, working your way back and forth around the nails, skipping nails and coming back to them until you start to have a pattern that you like. Once you are happy with your design, choose another nail to tie the end of your string to, and again, make a double knot, trim, and tuck with glue.  (Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each section!)

7. Add any embellishments needed for your piece (ie. for the Snowman kit, add button eyes, pipe cleaner arms, felt nose, and a scarf) with glue.

7. You are done! Enjoy your new piece of art!